This summer I showed pigs at the Rosholt fair in Rosholt, Wi with my cousins McKenzie and Colin Glodowski and McKenzie and Allison Schulist. I showed my pig, Angelina, she is a New Hampshire ( say it with me new - Hamp- shi- er ) . I also took my pig Reggie.He is a Druoc crossbread.

Types of Pigs!!!

New Hampshire pigs
Hampshire is a type of pig. It has a white belt by the front legs. The New Hampshire pig is my favorite type of pig because they are the cutest kind I ever saw.


Duroc pigs

This is a boar (a male or boy pig.) It looks like my pig Reggie!!!!(a lot!!!!)

***He looks like Reggie alot! If he was here right now it would be the right personality!!!! (I took him to the fair so, he went bye bye!) :(